Breaking Dawn Wedding Reception News!

Lainey Gossip has a new story out concerning what is being filmed this week in Squamish, B.C.  I am absolutely ecstatic that they are filming the reception!  This was my second favorite scene from the book (first being the honeymoon and all the vampire-human pillow biting) and I cannot wait to see Kristen .. I mean Bella .. all glammed up in a Wedding dress.  Although there have been reports that the dress is (for lack of a better word) ugly, I’m still keeping my hopes up that Kristen is going to be stunning!  She can pull off anything with those long legs and slim frame!  Here’s Lainey’s article:

This week is when they’re shooting the wedding reception and accompanying scenes for Twilight Breaking Dawn in Squamish. Am told there was a cast dinner last night at Rockwell’s. In attendance: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, and some other people I’ve never heard of. Rathbone teased Stewart about wedding dance moves and Stewart seemed “adorably anxious” about having to shoot them.

Before dinner Stewart and Pattinson played with his dog outside. I didn’t know he had a dog. I spent most of my investigative time inquiring about this dog. Unfortunately all I got back was “a dog of no distinguishable breed”. Unfortunately the source is not a dog person and was unable to do like dog owners do and speculate by analysing physical attributes….

I’m told Stewart and Pattinson were affectionate at the restaurant. Flirty kisses, no tongue, a lot of “inside looks and smiling”, a lot of “familiar touching”, like “two people who are close and comfortable with each other”, but she wasn’t riding him or anything. Having said that, there were definitely a few kisses. Happiness?

Which is a little different from what it’s like on set these days. Not that it’s not going well. It is. But my sources say there’s a “formality” to it that’s replaced the “collegiality” and “camp-like feel” that the cast used to have during the early days of production on the first film. Apparently it’s all very down to business, no drama, which is great, but the closeness they all once shared…it’s not the same.

Ohhhh siiiigh .. I love hearing good news about Rob and Kristen 🙂

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