Rob and Kristen Sighting In Squamish .. Again!

It’s great to see that Rob and Kristen feel comfortable enough to be in “public” while filming in Squamish!  When I took a trip down there during my ski vacation, I was surprised at how small, but visually striking this Canadian town was!  Its so cool to be able to decipher the landscape that you’ve experienced first-hand in a movie that your completely obsessed with!  Don’t mind my ranting … This lucky fan was able to catch glimpses of practically the ENTIRE Twi-cast the day after the Lainey Gossip sighting!  So, if you’ve ever doubted her, her sources have been validated as of now!

This was my favorite part of the fan’s blog … to read more about her sighting click here!

By 11 pm security was trying to get every fan out of there. We paid our bill and finished our drinks. And who would appear but Rob & Kristen. Again, not a crazy amazing sighting to me, but it was interesting. Kristen was wearing a paper moustache. She was short and thin and surprisingly pretty. Rob was tall and dressed like a bum with a hood over his head, but he was joking around with someone and it was cute seeing him relaxed.

Source via robstendreams

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