Rob and Kristen Spotted in Whistler!

Apparently Rob and Kristen were spotted taking a ride on the Peak2Peak Gondola in Whistler, British Columbia.  This Gondola is the world’s highest Gondola, stretching across the two mountains in the Whistler ski resort, Whistler and Blackcomb peaks.  There are only 4 towers that hold this structure up, very impressive and I believe a world record breaker!  If you are lucky enough to catch the two gondolas with a glass floor, you can take pictures of the beautiful landscape below.
Story via @MetroVanFilms
I’m so happy to see that Rob and Kristen were able to spend some “fun” time together without being bothered.  Obviously this means that Rob is back in Canada from his Los Angeles trip for some WFE press.  I hope they had a great time!  I just got back from Whistler on Friday and had a lot of fun skiing down both mountains, and even going on the Peak2Peak Gondola!  I was hoping to see them in Whistler, since its only 45 minutes North of where they are filming for the next week or so, but wasn’t so lucky.

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