E! News Update on Robsten

What is the current Robsten status? “Who the hell knows” (sorry had to inject that quote from Eclipse .. I’m a dork) The current news of the couple is that they are taking a break from their relationship. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t find ANY truth to this at all. Just because Rob is doing press for Water For Elephants doesn’t mean that the time they are spending apart is hurting their relationship. If anything, they should be used to this kind of long distance thing and are perfectly fine (that is to say that they are actually dating!) I roll my eyes to this sort of news all the time … you know, it is about time for break up news to start circulating .. have any of you noticed how the media seems to bring up either wedding or break up news every so often (to obviously bank off the EXTREMELY false stories)! Anyways that’s my two cents for the day lol!

nesw4611 by officialspunkransom

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