Honeymoon Reshoots in Florida?

Apparently, Mandy’s Mind is claiming that she has heard exclusive information regarding a possible Honeymoon scene reshoot in the sunny state of Florida!  For those of you fans in Florida, keep those eyes and ears open for possible Rob and Kristen sightings!  Now if there was a way to get them to shoot something in Texas …. :/

This is not confirmed, but it seems Breaking Dawn may spend a day or two in Florida to shoot.

I first heard this a few days ago when someone told me there were some re-shoots of the honeymoon water scene that needed to be done. The lighting was off from original shoot. NO location given just that they had to re-shoot some of it.

Then today I was talking to someone who told me that while booking talent for WFE release parties Rob was unavailable for particular dates because he was in Florida for Breaking Dawn and Reese was already in Europe for WFE promotion / junket (with Rob joining her right after his Florida shoot.)

I asked another friend who is usually “in the know” and was told Florida honeymoon scenes were indeed scheduled.

So, based on all this it SEEMS there may be a day or two shoot right before Easter weekend in Florida…. No one mentioned a city, and I can’t confirm 100% this is correct, but for now it seems likely just based on the number of separate people saying it.

Time will tell for certain but Florida peeps keep your eyes and ears open…. Just in case!

Source via Mandy’s Mind

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