Kristen Officially Done With Bella (Almost?)

Kristen was pictured leaving Vancouver today.  This must mean only one thing .. her role as Bella has finally come to a close.  Such a bittersweet moment for her, I’m sure — glad to be finished with being labeled as the “Twilight girl” and sad to be done with a character that she’s put so much of herself into.

Great job, Kristen!  I couldn’t have asked for a better Bella 🙂

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Lainey Gossip is saying that Kristen isn’t quite done w/ Bella just yet.  Apparently reshoots are scheduled soon in the Virgin Islands for her and Rob.

On Monday she was expected back on set in Vancouver where she worked until yesterday and, as you can see, is heading out for a little break before my sources tell me exclusively she’ll work on reshoots in the Virgin Islands where she and Robert Pattinson are expected to polish a few honeymoon scenes before finally closing production on a franchise that has dominated their lives for 3 years.

Source via Lainey Gossip

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