Kristen on Jimmy Fallon (New Moon)

It’s nearly impossible to find this interview anywhere (YouTube, Jimmy Fallon’s website, etc), so I thought that since I finally found it, I’d post it here for you guys 😉 I absolutely love Jimmy Fallon .. he is such a funny guy and really knows how to make his guests feel comfortable!

Part 1:
Here’s the Bon Iver video they mention @5:54
Part 2:
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3 thoughts on “Kristen on Jimmy Fallon (New Moon)

  1. I've been looking for this video for MONTHS .. apparently Jimmy Fallon and YouTube don't have them anymore .. LAME! I was happy that this French site had them! 😉 I love how Jimmy is like "we should be Besties!" and Kristen is like "..OK!" 

  2. hey..sweetz i hav a request can u plss gv me d link to download it..i realy want it plss…plss..thnkss soo much fr puttin it up i realy wantd to watch it frm two years thnks…plsss…put a link to download it m waiting..thanks 🙂

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