‘On The Road’ Poster Is A Fake

From L&PM Editors, the site that posted the whorehouse picture:

“Earlier this week, blogs around the world began to publicize the poster below as the “teaser poster” of On the Road , the upcoming feature film directed by Walter Salles. They said he had been photographed during the Cannes Film Festival 2011. Since then, some newspapers also gave the news, calling for “the first movie poster On the Road . ”

I just saw a picture of that poster today. And it all seemed very strange.
The “teaser poster” had been photographed in a wall of the Cannes Film Festival.
I found it very funny poster does not have the name of the producer. I thought that Walter Salles is not the type that wants to promote himself. I argued here that an editor at “teaser” poster is something commercial (especially if you’re at Cannes) and so it would be senseless not to show the actors. To complete, I got the impression that, beyond aesthetics have nothing to do with the photos already released the film, that poster was looking a job of some college students of design.

As the L & PM publishes On the Road , also would be nice if we gave the news of “the first movie poster” on here. But before doing that, I decided to see if it was even true. To make sure that it was (or not) of an original poster, I sent an email to the film’s producer, Charles Gillibert, MK2 Productions of Paris. The title of my message was: “teaser poster on the road? is true? “. I put the photo attached. Charles’s response came a few minutes later: “Dear Paula, It is absolutely not the OTR not a teaser poster even …” ( Dear Paula, is absolutely not the poster or even a teaser OTR ).

I thanked him for his attention and kept thinking that someone must be very happy at that time. Glad to have created a poster that became famous. A poster which is nothing more than … fake . I tried to find where the story began and the first blogs reported that the image in Brazil say that the information came from the site ” The Play List . ” But just go there to see that last post is October 2010.

The bottom line: the poster above is a fantasy, a joke, an invention. A virus that was rapidly going from blog to blog to get the papers. There is no doubt that the Internet has facilitated the lives of journalists. But sometimes I get the impression that this feature makes them forget that not everything that falls into the net is … fish. Or true.”


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