‘On The Road’ Release Date Announced

IMDb.com has recently updated the release date for On The Road. Apparently, this film is scheduled to be released on December 7, 2011 (in France as of now). We are still waiting for a release date for the U.S. Looks like we have a lot of Kristen movies to look forward to this fall .. Breaking Dawn in November, On The Road in early-mid December, and SWATH in mid-late December! The movie business will be getting all of my money this holiday season .. LOL!

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3 thoughts on “‘On The Road’ Release Date Announced

  1. That's the date the info was updated. They don't list a release date for OTR – it just says "2011", but specifically Dec. 7, 2011 in France.

  2. Yeah, haha I guess I was having a "moment" and jumped the gun w/ posting that image .. lol I updated it with the date that was actually released .. but THANKS for the heads up! :)))

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