Rob on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

Here are some pictures of Robert and Reese on The Graham Norton Show! I’m very excited to see this show air tomorrow night! I’ll post it as soon as possible tomorrow when it’s released! I love how Rob has a beer in hand during the interview. Bet this was his favorite moment in their UK press tour by far! Haha Love it!

 “Stop reading if you don’t want to know!
@RobPattzNews ok so first things first despite what im hearing ‘went down’ at westfield rob seemed very content and relaxed throughout whole thing. he had his beer that he was sipping in between talking, so that’s all good. they spoke about the film first, and rob was surprised many of the audience had seen the film ( as it’s not even out till tomorrow), reese talked about her stunts with elephants, love for animals, she lives on a farm etc, rob comments that he didn’t realise the dangerous things they were doing on set until afterwards ( the lion and fake arm, remarks that he said to his security ‘what would u do if the lion got out of cage?’ he replied ‘shoot it in the head’ lovely!) spoke about royal wedding of course, and he said that he used to pretend he knew prince william. graham brought up his sisters dressing him up as a child, rob laughs and says he’s not sure it even happened, he used to make a lot of stuff up in interviews, he did used to vaseline his hair into ponytail though.”

Source: RobertPattinsonNews

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