Rob’s Comments on BD Birth Scene, Modeling, and Bear

The New Zealand Herald had a chance to sit down with Rob prior to the release of Water for Elephants, and what followed was a refreshing interview with a genuine feel of what Rob is all about.

On the Breaking Dawn birth scene:

“It was insane, intense,” he says of the scene, explaining that Edward can either lose Bella or give her a bite and thus immortality. “It was a pretty traumatic scene for me to do as an actor and, frankly, horrible for me emotionally. Edward has tried for so long not to turn Bella into a vampire and now … well, it’s very sad. He feels like he has let her down.”

About his modeling days:

“I was a terrible model,” he says. “I hated having to be skinny enough to be one of those little waif guys and I wasn’t a beefy, gym guy either,” he said. “So I was stuck between the two types and I never got any jobs.”

His new found love (Bear):

“I’m really enjoying looking after him and he’ll come everywhere with me now, wherever possible.”

Read the entire interview at the New Zealand Herald. You don’t want to miss it!

Source: Twilightish
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