Rob’s Cute/Funny Faces (w/ captions)

Here are some photos of Robert from his extravagant (and obviously exhausting and possibly boring at times) journey while promoting Water for Elephants. These specific pictures are from the press conference in Barcelona. You can tell he has other things on the mind during certain occasions..(can we blame him?) My guess is Kristen is at the top of the list! *wink* Here is my guess on his thoughts…

“I wonder what Kristen is wearing right now…I bet she looks so good (as always)..if I was with her I’d..”

“Come on, really? Aren’t there any other questions you guys can think of that I haven’t answered 100 times??”

“Well THIS is entertaining…”

             “I literally want to pierce my eye out I’m so bored!”            

“Wait, what was that? I think someone actually asked a decent question that could stir up a potentially interesting dialogue…”

“Yayy I’m so excited! I think it’s going to be a good question!! Woohoo!!!”

“Scratch that last thought.”


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