Robsten VIDEO: Fated Love

Another GREAT Robsten video by the amazingly awesome Libenet! Ugh .. there’s something about love songs and Robsten photos and video footage that gets me going EVERY time … Enjoy, my dears! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Robsten VIDEO: Fated Love

  1. hey girls! how are you? :)first of all; thank you so much for posting and liking the vid. I'll always feel grateful and surprised by all the support that REAL robsten fans show to my work.but most importantly; I checked out your presentation bbs…YOU GUYS LOOK REALLY COOL! 🙂 seriously; you look awesome. you look like sweet funny girls. you bring a huge smile to my face spontaneously 😀 It's like…"we should go to the movies, eat some ice cream and make a 'girly night' together" :)))anyway! thank you again, and keep up the lovely work. The site looks great (like a professional magazine site or sthg…wow!) and I'm sure you'll be flooded by followers in no time. Luv it! ;)*HUGS!*

  2. You have no idea how much this means to us! I admire your work so so sooo much! I mean, that Happy in Love Robsten video was the BEST thing last summer, and I'm mad at YouTube for muting it!! I'm sure I watched it nonstop for like a month! I think I even downloaded the songs you used on iTunes .. hahahaI just have to say that we support you here 110%! We love your videos dearly! They are what made me a Robsten believer!! I had my doubts at first .. but after discovering and watching your videos I knew it was true.Thank you, Libenet! You.ARE.Awesome. <3

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