Robsten’s Love Shack In Canada

Staying true to Rob’s comments about not having a permanent crib, Robsten are rumored to be staying in a plush boutique hotel, The Hazelton. From the looks of these pics, this hotel seems like a romantic backdrop to the couple’s much-needed reunion. Its super luxurious rooms and glitzy decor give this hotel a price tag of nearly $5000 per night (not including the $95 pet fee)! Other rumors are reporting that they are staying at the Four Seasons, but this rumor doesn’t quite fit that low-key lifestyle the couple so desperately miss–at least the Hazelton is smaller!

Despite rumors they were staying at the Four Seasons in Toronto, a new eyewitness report says Rob and Kristen are at a super luxe boutique hotel — the Hazelton!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are enjoying time together in Toronto before he begins filming Cosmopolis, and staying at a swanky five star boutique hotel! We spoke to an eyewitness who has seen Rob and Kristen walking in and out of the hotel multiple times! 

The Hazelton has a luxurious suite called the Gluckstein Presidential Suite, which could be where Rob and Kristen are staying with their dog Bear. The pet-friendly suite includes 3 bedrooms, 2 living room areas, a dining room area, a full kitchen, 2 and a half bathrooms, and a wine cellar! All for approximately $5000 dollars a night, plus an additional $95 per pet per stay. Sounds fancy!

 Source via HollywoodLife

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