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Now, I know I normally don’t post things unrelated to Robert, Kristen, or Robsten, but I won a special opportunity to attend an advanced screening of Ashely Greene’s movie, Skateland, with Shiloh Fernandez.

I don’t want to give too much away since it hasn’t hit theatres yet, so no need to worry, there aren’t any spoilers in this review! The movie is set in the 80’s (very much reminiscent of Kristen’s Adventureland w/o the theme park) and focuses on Shiloh’s character, Ritchie Wheeler. The high school graduate, whom seems to have no direction in life, works at a roller rink called Skateland. When the roller rink closes, Ritchie is forced into reality and finally discovers his “direction.”

The acting in this movie is so so. I wasn’t very convinced of Shiloh’s character. Perhaps Shiloh’s insincerity is what made me feel like this movie was a dud. Ashley Green, although much better than Shiloh, still seemed to be unconvincing. At times, I wanted to call her Alice! In fact, I feel like she only did this flick to follow in Kristen’s footsteps (let’s face it, Kristen’s performance in Adventureland surpasses Ashley’s).

This move made me laugh, cry, and yawn. There are parts that are gut-wrenching and others that should have been left out. If you are an Ashley or Twilight fan, go see it; we must support our fellow Twi-star! For those of you who could care less, I’d wait until it comes out on DVD.

Opens in theatres nation-wide this Friday, 5/20!

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2 thoughts on “Skateland Review

  1. "I feel like she only did this flick to follow in Kristen's footsteps"hmm, she'd filmed this before Adventureland even come out.

  2.  Oh…. well I guess that makes alot of sense now lol She's probably got WAY more acting experience now (and same for Shiloh)! Its weird that its taken them this long to get it to Sundance and distributed nation-wide..

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