What Really Went Down Shooting The Sex Scene

So the amazingly talented ateofie913 has an amazingly awesome (AND STEAMY) rendition of what she imagined went down while filming the SEX SCENE in Breaking Dawn between Rob & Kristen (I mean, Edward and Bella).

Here’s an excerpt:

Bill:  “Cut!” *Looks at Rob* “Rob… You don’t… You don’t… You don’t do that!”

Rob: *Looks innocently at Bill* “Don’t do what, Bill?”

Bill: “You… You don’t go under the sheet, then slide down… I mean… It’s obvious what you’re doing.  We can see your head going down THERE!”

Rob:  “But this is a love scene… Our honeymoon! We’re having sex the first time!  Foreplay is a must!”

Bill:  *Sighs* In real life, yes!  But again, Rob… This is not your honeymoon.  This is not real.  We’re shooting a scene. And again… please… let’s stick to the script!”

Rob: *Confused* “This is not real?”

Bill: “NO!”

For the rest of the dialog .. head on over to RobSten For Life 🙂

I LOVE this girl!  I definitely was imagining something along these same lines … hahaha 😉

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