Did Rob Use Stunt Double In Breaking Dawn Sex Scene?

Apparently, there was some discussion whether Rob used a stunt double in the infamous honeymoon scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we?!
Evidence #1: Gossip Cop disproved the allegations stating-
“Robert Pattinson ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scene — Did He Use a Body Double?” asks HollywoodLife, which rarely knows the answers.

While the bad blog acknowledges Pattinson’s good looks, the site writes that he’s “not so much [known] for being the most muscular of guys.”

HollywoodLife further says it was a “shock to see the very muscular, and very ripped, back he is showing off in the Breaking Dawn trailer. In fact, it is so shocking that it begs the question — did Rob use a body double for his Breaking Dawn sex scene?”

Then the blog suggests, “Maybe Taylor Lautner stepped in for him?”

Maybe some real reporters should step in for HollywoodLife.

Gossip Cop looked into the story and was told by a production source that it was 100 percent Pattinson in the sex scene with Kristen Stewart.

Additionally, a rep for Summit tells us, “A body double was NOT used.”

Evidence #2: We’ve seen this stud’s back before…let’s take a look at Remember Me-
There my friends, is a sexy back!
Now take a look at Breaking Dawn..
Looks like the same sexy back to me!
For more evidence and pictures of Robert’s back (which we all could use a little more of), head over to ROBsessed!
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