Favorite Moments With Rob & The Piano

I was looking through some of my favorite pictures of Robert, which I frequently do, and realized a lot of pictures in his Vanity Fair shoots involve a piano; seeing as it is such an important part of his life as a musician and his role as Edward. Therefore, I thought it’d be cool to look back at different pictures of Rob involving a piano. I also included a deleted scene from Twilight of “Edward” playing some beautiful music!

First, let’s take a look at Twilight:

The moment where Rob/Edward played “Bella’s Lullaby”. I’m sure Kristen completely melted inside when she sat and listened to Rob (her amazing, talented, and hot co-star) play this song on the piano.

Here is a deleted scene from Twilight of Edward playing:

The scene shown in the movie:

Now, let’s take a look back at his first Vanity Fair photoshoot:
Rob looking off into the distance to find inspiration for beautiful music…
Rob looking serious and starting to fall..
OH and he falls!..and still manages to keep a serious and sexy look on his face.
“This is where I usually read music and make notes..outside on the grass by the ocean. I also like to bring my piano out to a large field sometimes…”
More Vanity Fair takes:
Classy Wallpaper of Robert & Piano Pictures
(click image to make larger)
All in all, we all love Rob near a piano. Period. 🙂
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