Kristen Stewart + MMA’s = It’s a Date!

I saw that Kristen was confirmed a couple days ago but then heard rumors that she might not be there…we’re already worried enough that Rob isn’t going to be there, now Kristen?!? However, Eonline has helped ease some of our worries telling us Kristen will “definitely” be attending! Onto Rob, he told his fans yesterday “I think so, yeah”, when they asked if he’ll be attending the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday. Fingers crossed!! We want to see them together to get their BEST KISS Award..*wink wink nudge nudge*
If this funny promo video wasn’t confirmation enough, we can assure you, with 100 percent certainty, that Kristen Stewart will attend Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. (Assuming no rapture-like catastrophe occurs, of course.)

The actress is up for three awards, including Best Kiss with her hot other half, Robert Pattinson.

But will shy Kris walk the red carpet? Will Rob be by her side?

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One thought on “Kristen Stewart + MMA’s = It’s a Date!

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