Rob Rumored to be in LA this Weekend

Apparently Rob is rumored to be in LA tonight. There are several tweets circulating about Rob and Kristen being spotted at some party in LA .. some even say that they are at different parties! Anyways, we won’t know how valid this rumor is until we see PROOF! Until then, we can just keep our fingers crossed that its true .. that Rob has come to spend time with his number one .. Kristen!
UPDATE: Apparently this was JUST a rumor. Not quite sure if Rob was even in LA last night; no valid sources have surfaced. I guess we shall never really know if he was there or not!
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4 thoughts on “Rob Rumored to be in LA this Weekend

  1. sarahrhoward Sarah Howard @ @lwoodhead12 so I've learned! No kstew at the restaurant- sorry to disappoint. Lots of tweenie actors and actresses.

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