Edward & Bella Pics…Out of Character!

I was thinking back to what made me fall in love with R/K and I realized it was seeing their amazing chemistry on screen and, most excitingly, off screen! Therefore I decided to make a compilation of pictures of “Edward & Bella” while filming…which really means some darling pictures of Robert & Kristen falling in love on the set of all the Twilight movies. Now, some of these aren’t the best of quality but remember these aren’t official movie stills so we can’t be too picky! 😉

Is her face not adorable? haha 
Rob cracking up can’t help but make Kristen smile
‘Edward & Bella’ bonding…I think not! More like R/K bonding!
New Moon
Nawww 🙂
Rob: “Oh what was that, Chris? Did you call cut?..It’s ok! I’ll just linger with my hands here for a second…”
Rob: “And I’m pushing you away…now run back to me…and I push you away…now run back to me again!”
Having fun!
Is that ‘Edward’ smiling or Rob? Hmm…
 Rob and Kristen sharing a laugh .. aww I wonder what was so funny?
 Just taking the “family” for a little car ride 😉
 Kristen’s robust butt and Rob licking his lips .. *sigh*
 A deep conversation perhaps?
I think Kristen likes riding in the car with Rob .. 
(Woah, that’s a handful! You know what I say, “The more the merrier!” *wink wink*)
Breaking Dawn
Piggyback ride! (Cause we all know that’s in the book…oh that’s right it’s not, Rob & Kristen!)
Rob: “Oh my gosh this is so much fun but my head itches like crazyyy!”
 Someone looks a little too comfortable *wink wink*
Holding hands as they’re walking off set? CUTE!
Well, did that make you smile? 😉
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