GLAMOUR Thinks Kstew’s Black Bra Move= Success!!

Kristen isn’t the first one to WOW an audience with the shocking and sexy look of a black bra underneath a white shirt. Celebrities such as Carrie Bradshaw and Ashley Olsen have shown us the look before and now with Kristen wearing it at Comic Con, we all realize this look is still going strong! Great choice Kristen! You were comfy, confident, and looking super sexy! See, even Rob thinks so!! 😉

We can thank Carrie Bradshaw for many things–making Manolo Blahnik a household name, giving us carte blanche to be fabulously single for as long as we damn well please, and the term “modelizer”–but Sex and the City‘s greatest sartorial legacy just may be the black-bra-white-shirt combo.

It was one of costume designer Patricia Field‘s signatures on the show–exposed lingerie, whether Carrie was wearing her PJs or a ball gown–and the black bra seems to be the look that really stuck. Other celebrities soon adopted it as their own (witness Ashley Olsen at the Calvin Klein show back in 2007, below), and somehow, 10+ years later, long after Hammer pants have been retired, the exposed black bra is still going strong.

Check out Kristen Stewart on the red carpet yesterday at Comic-Con in California. Aside from the obvious message she’s sending with her look (“I’m cool enough to wear Chucks on the red carpet and get away with it!”), she also seems to be saying, “Look, I’m wearing a black bra.”

 And maybe that’s the entire point of this strangely enduring combination–it looks like you’re breaking the rules. What did your mother always tell you? Don’t show your bra! And what does this look scream? “I’m showing my bra!”, which is what makes it seem rebelliously chic. What do you ladies think of the black-bra-white-T-shirt combo? Can you believe the Carrie Bradshaw effect still has such a hold? Would you ever wear it? Discuss!

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