Kristen Talks the Birthing Scene w/ Snakkle

Here is an adorable interview of Kristen at Comic-Con yesterday (7/21). She talks about how intense the Birthing Scene was to film.


Q: What was it like shooting [the Birthing Scene]? 

Kristen: It was hell, actually. It was actually pretty, pretty brutal. We shot it over the course of two days. Its definitely not your typical “birthing scene” .. its pretty grotesque. But its toned down than the book. In the book she’s spitting out blood. But its painful and its definitely through her eyes and so you don’t see so much of the gruesome stuff, but you feel it. Its a very visceral experience. There’s a lot of screaming and rolling of the eyes. Yeah, I think I popped a few blood vessels in the ‘ole .. yeah.

Check out the video here. The video does not allow embedding .. Sorry loves!


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