More Fan Pics of Rob on Cosmopolis Set

Here’s a lovely account of last night’s encounter with Rob on the Cosmopolis set! He commends Mr. Pattinson for signing autographs for ALL of the fans last night. Not many of today’s stars are seen doing this, especially after wrapping at 4:30 a.m.! He’s such a great guy! I’m so happy to have him in this fandom 🙂

You Robert Pattinson Fans are just so wonderful and vocal, so why not give you back even more RPattz? The Cosmopolis star greeted hoards of Toronto Fans on the final outdoor shoot for the Film. The session lasted approximately ten minutes as he made his way through every single Fan (under 100) in-waiting ensuring they received an Autograph. It is said that the remainder of filming for the David Cronenberg Film is scheduled til July 19th in Toronto – all interior – before heading off the New York City next. Read the rest here.
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