New/Old Fan Pic of Kristen Stewart on Airplane

A fan took a picture of Kristen on a public airplane flying to Brazil on November 5, 2010. If only we could all be so lucky! Twisessed and I would freak out ( a completely calm and non-stalkish way of course..) if we were on the same plane as Kstew! haha Anyways, I hadn’t seen this before. Thought I’d share:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart landed in Brazil Nov. 5 to shoot one of the most anticipated scenes in Twilight history…Edward and Bella’s uber romantic honeymoon on the Isle Esme.
Fans caught pictures of the low-key mega stars boarding the public airplane to Rio de Janeiro and they appeared to be business as usual. Dressed in her typical jeans and black zip up hoodie, Kristen, 20, stayed close to her boyfriend, 24-year-old R-Patz (who was also dressed down in baggy pants, a baseball cap and sunglasses).
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2 thoughts on “New/Old Fan Pic of Kristen Stewart on Airplane

  1. This was the weekend we were supposed to go to Baton Rouge to do some Twilight set "scouting" .. but had to change our plans b/c they were leaving the country .. obviously! HAHAHA good times, good times!

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