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@kstewartnews Can’t wait!!! RT @palakspatel: Backstage with Kristen, Charlize, Chris, Sam, Joe, and Rupert. About to go on!!
@VanneCullenLutz “Producer saying they are two very different films. This one is more like Lord of the Rings in size and scope” #SWATH panel
@RobPattzNews #sdcc: Kristen takes the stage wearing skinny black jeans and white top #SWATH
@NextMovie Kristen on similarities btwn her & Snow White “Well, I’m the fairest in the land and I have a seriously good heart.” #LOL #SWATH #SDCC
@CELEBUZZ A fan said she’s been a fan of Kristen since Catch that Kid, kstew went “aw”

Now guys, I know how it must feel very surreal to have someone asking you questions about a movie you haven’t even started filming yet.
But, Kristen let me start with you, since your just days away now from starting production on this film in the UK, what are you most excited about this role and what are you hoping its going to allow you to get to do that maybe you haven’t gotten to do before?
Kristen: I think, I’m most excited about saying the obvious thing, you think Snow White, that wasn’t initially something I was jumping at, but this girl, she’s got this amazing ability to like channel fear, things that ppl are typically afraid of, into this very focused, charged, driving energy. and she’s also the people’s leader and one of the most, not heavy-handed sincere, truly doesn’t let her heart cloud her mind, and doesn’t let her mind get in the way of doing things she really feels really strongly about. and yeah and thats pretty much — Oh and I guess the swords and stuff .. and also Rupert as well .. he’s one of the reasons I’m really excited about this .. he’s done pretty incredible stuff so I’m excited to get going. 
Charlize, It sounds like for you, the Queen, it’s going to be a juicy role. Are you ready to give Kristen some hell?
Charlize: Look I don’t want to spoil the movie. But, no we’ve only kind of met each other very briefly during a photo shoot kind of introducing the characters and then on the plane ride here. And in that small amount of time, I already know she’s going to give me a run for my money. and I’m ready for it bitch, lets go.
Kristen: No, no I’m really laughing about it! It’s fine.
Charlize: It’s not funny at all guys. It’s for real. Bring it, let’s go. 
So Rupert, your production isn’t starting until next week, as I understand it, you do have something you’d like to show the crowd?
Rupert: Yeah, we’re kind of a little bit before our time coming here having not shot the film, but this is the only chance for us to really to be here. We wanted to enlist your support. We wanted to show you guys, and everyone else in the world [Snow White and the Huntsman], so we are going to show you some photographs of the cast in costume. The thing we are going to show is really just to kind of help enlist the support of the cast, the studio, to show them the kind of film I wanted to make. I kind of took on this kind of risky thing where I wanted to make something with very little money. We had three days to shoot. We had a week to do for post-production, but I just kind of wanted to just give them a feel, so that people would know that it isn’t a little girl sitting by a well with tweety birds. So I wanted to show that this, ya know, we were very limited by budget. I saw in my head scenes of knights charging through the forest. I ended up with one knight, and we couldn’t afford a horse, so I had to take shots from another film. So its very down and dirty. This is what we all do well–down and dirty film-making–that got us here. I wouldn’t be sitting here if we hadn’t done this. Its been great to show the cast, and to show the people who were coming onto the project, it just gives them an idea of what we will create with a proper budget, more than one horse and more than two knights. 
So, Kristen, Charlize, Chris and Sam, since the four of you are just getting to know each other right now and don’t really know each other extremely well, I just have a couple of questions I want to ask the four of you really quick so you can get to know each other a little bit better.
Chris: Speed dating
The first one is, on the set, are you improv or strictly by the script?
Sam: It’s quite improvisation, so improv. … Yeah … by the script
Chris: How do you want us to do it .. by the script.
Charlize: I’m like a sheep, you just tell me where to go, I just follow. You want improv, I’m improv. You want me by the script, I’m by the script.
Kristen: Well, God, I can’t say improv now .. I probably have got to learn my lines now. 
When it comes to physical activity in stunts, daredevil or whimp?
Kristen: Now I’m feeling like I’m trying to show you guys up. I’m so excited about this. I’m a daredevil.
Rupert: When we first met Kristen actually, she had a burn on her, what did you call that area?, on her lower belly button area, .. We met her on one of the Twilights and she’s in her Winnebego with a cigarette and she had it in-between her ..
Kristen: Shhhh …
Rupert: Self-dressing her wound on her belly and she’s stitching it up …
Chris: Sizzling, sizzling
Kristen: You know I think maybe a week after that I broke my thumb, so I was really in bad shape and that was right around the time we were doing second-unit stuff, so that was fun .. And not doing stunts .. so yeah, I don’t know why I’m doing this. 
On set, prankster or completely well behaved? Kristen, you first.
Kristen: I get to set the bar?! Well I’m very well behaved and you guys better not mess with me because I take myself very seriously.
Charlize: You’re going to be fine because I’m an Oscar winner so I take it seriously … I take the work really seriously, so we’re going to be fine.
Kristen: So you don’t have to show me up.
Charlize: I will be calling you Snow White all the time.
Kristen, What went through your mind when you first put that armor on?
Kristen: I gave the chest a nice pounding. It makes me feel kind of strong. Although you kind of feel tiny because my little bobble head sticks out of the–my little pinhead–sticks out of the armor. Hopefully I’ll begin to own it a little bit more.
Charlize: Don’t worry. We’ll get you steroids. 
How heavy is that shield?
Kristen: It’s not as light as you think a prop would be, which is nice. It’s like 50 pounds … It’s not 50 pounds, just so .. 
My question is for Kristen, I’ve seen some interviews of you, where you say that your past characters have some elements of your own personality. Does the character of Snow White have anything that relates to you?
Kristen: Yeah, it’s hard for me to put words to that. You don’t feel .. You sort of see parts of yourself in .. I think I’d like to be like her .. I mean I cant seriously say things like “well I’m the fairest in the land” and “I have a seriously good heart, really” for the people that don’t know me.
Chris: You like apples. Like red apples .. you love apples, you had like seven on the plane.
Charlize: There’s such a joke there .. I’m not going to go there .. 
I just wanted to know what music you have been listening to to prepare or if you have? Also, can I have your name tag?
Kristen: Oh, if I can toss it over there .. I can make a little [paper airplane]. Can I do that? I’m not listening to anything that pertains necessarily to [Snow White], but I’m getting ready for it.
Charlize: I have some music that I cut myself for you. It’s me singing lullabies. I thought it’d be helpful.
Kristen: Anything that comes from you is probably crap.
Charlize: No, I get it, I get it, I get it. My feelings aren’t hurt at all. 
I just wanted to say real quick, Kristen, that I’ve been a real big fan since Catch That Kid. What drew each of you to this movie?
Kristen: Well, kind of what I was saying before about not expecting Snow White to be the type of person who she is in the script and Rupert also. I had a good meeting with him; it was fun. I would say that its probably .. its good timing in my life too I guess with things that i am around and that i see a lot. It really .. we shot a few good mirror-breaking scenes. I play someone who really lacks any vanity whatsoever. that was cool. I like that idea. somebody who is not even remotely self-conscious, doesn’t even have .. Somebody that hasn’t been looked at because she’s a prisoner and to see someone that isn’t aware of who she is but has such a strong sense of self. I liked. She saves the day and all that, so that was exciting as well. I was into all that. 
Unknown Producer: Kristen, truth be told, we started out looking for an unknown. Because we were trying to copy what we had done with Alice [in Wonderland] and found Mia, but the more we thought about it, here’s this woman who has proven inside this franchise to be a big, big star, and the idea of being the first one to get her out of the franchise into a big movie and have her grow from that character into this character, seemed like something that we really couldn’t resist. And so, the fact of the matter is, these people are here because they impose their little inheritance.
From CineBlend:
3:35 Sanders and the producers are the first ones up. Obviously they’re going to build people up to the scream-worth celebrities. 
3:37 Moderator Dave Karger actually brings up that OTHER Snow White movie. Producer Joe Roth explains, “our movie I like to think is on the scale of Lord of the Rings in terms of size and scope.” Wow, I did not expect that comparison.  
3:38 Roth was working at Disney during the Armageddon vs. Deep Impact summer of 1998, so he’s a veteran of the same-movie battles. 
3:44 They show a reel of Rupert Sanders’s previous work in commercials, which is a brilliant sales pitch. The commercials, for products as varied as Halo 3 and Monster.com, are all muscular and rely heavily both on great visuals and , especially in the Halo ad, a lot of action. The idea here seems to be to convince the crowd that this is not your usual fairy tale movie. Sanders starts talking and references giant battle scenes and black knights exploding.  
3:46 The cast takes the stage! Poor Sam Claflin doesn’t get a fraction of the applause for Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and Kristen Stewart, but I guess the kid’s gotta start somewhere. Theron is wearing a completely sheer shirt, which basically seems to be saying “I may be the wicked queen, but don’t even try to call me ugly.” 
3:48 Stewart admits that playing Snow White was not initially an opportunity she was jumping at, but she talks up the character’s strength and seems thrilled to play “with swords and stuff.” 
3:48 Theron says she’s just met Stewart, “but I know she’s going to give me a run for her money. And I’m ready for it bitch, let’s go!” I’m betting on Charlize in that fight.  
3:50 Chris Hemsworth references the years he spent just trying to get a job in the business. How quickly things change! 
3:51 Claflin suggests his prince character isn’t as charming as you might expect. That might be an interesting twist. 
3:51 They don’t start shooting until next week, but they’re about to show us some photos of the cast in costume, just to convince us “it’s not a little girl sitting by a well with tweety birds telling her what’s going on.” Apparently they couldn’t afford a horse for test footage, so they had to steal shots from another film. 
3:55 What they showed was actually a test reel that Sanders put together to give a sense of the feel of the film, but since it doesn’t feature any of the actors it’s really hard to know how to apply this to what the final film will look like. But it’s set to the music from The Dark Knight and contains a lot of sweeping nature imagery that definitely fulfills all these panel promises of Lord of the Rings comparisons. It’s as flashy and impressive as the commercial reel that Sanders showed us, but again, hard to connect to what the final movie will be.  
3:58 The moderator is asking silly questions like “wimp vs. tough guy” and “on-set prankster vs. very serious.” Theron gets big cheers when she deadpans, “Well, I’m an Oscar winner, so I take it very seriously.”  
4:02 Now they’re showing shots of the cast in costume, taken three weeks ago with costume designs from Colleen Atwood. Claflin looks polished in a big shiny suit of armor, Hemsworth looks good and rugged with a ax slung over his shoulder, Theron looks totally intimidating and also kinda red-carpet ready in a black getup as the wicked queen, and– whoah!– Stewart is in armer and holding a sword as Snow White. That’s definitely a twist on the usual.  
4:03 Stewart says her pinhead sticks out of the armor, and Theron jokes, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you steroids.”  
4:05 Oh, they also showed us a shot of all the dwarves, who are being played by regular-sized actors like Ian McShane and Toby Jones but are digitally shrunk down to size. I’m not sure if they got all these guys together in costume or if they’ve just Photoshopped faces on to designs for the bodies. Either way, they look a whole lot like the dwarves we’ve been seeing in images from The Hobbit. Forget the other Snow White movie– that might be the similarity they have to worry about. 
4:07 Rupert Sanders reveals that there are eight dwarves in this one, not seven, and says there’s a “great line” when– spoiler!– one of them dies. But mostly they can’t have seven dwarves because Disney’s got that copyright on lockdown. 
4:08 Audience questions are already getting awkward, with a girl mentioning that several other actors were up for the Huntsman role before Chris Hemsworth took it. “You mean everyone else passed and I was all that’s left?” he deadpans.  
4:09 Theron describes her wicked queen character as “a serial killer.” She’s kind of an expert at playing those.  
4:12 He’s really not getting his share of questions, but it’s worth noting that Sam Claflin has been his share of charming, even sitting next to the ridiculously magnetic Chris Hemsworth. I didn’t know if his prince character would be able to hold his own against Thor, but he’s doing pretty well so far. He’s cute too! 
4:16 And that’s it! Panels for movies that haven’t even filmed yet are always tricky, but they actually managed to make this one interesting by showing off the costume photos, which I’m hoping will be formally released at some point soon (they certainly looked high-res and ready). We’ll keep an eye out for them in the meantime.
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