Happy Birthday to the Beautiful & Talented Libenet!

I would like to take the time to wish the wonderful Libenet a very Happy Birthday! Not only was she the reason I began believing in Robsten, but she has also taken me under her wing and supported me (and StrictlyRobsten.com) from the very beginning! Words cannot describe how much I love her! Please send your well wishes her way!
Muah! I love you, Lib! *clinks glass*
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One thought on “Happy Birthday to the Beautiful & Talented Libenet!

  1. I didn't see that! Honey…I just found this post…awwwwwwwwww :')Thank you baby. So much. I can't tell you how much those few lines meant to me. THANK YOU.When I first came across StrictlyRobsten.com, I knew the site would do great. Because everything in it was so beautiful. You know how much I liked the site's look right from the beginning. And the "policy" here was very Robsten dedicated and so loving and respectful. It was obvious that you guys would do VERY well in the fandom.What I didn't know back then, was that behind the site, there were two gorgeous and beautiful ladies, with so much talent and enormous kind hearts. I love you both girls. Really. No BS. But (don't hate me Chelsea :)) I do have a special bond with Melissa. She was my first "girl crush" here 🙂 And, in no time, we were talking like we've always knew each other. She has that way of lightening my day with a little smile and few words. I really like that shining quality about her.I didn't take you under my wing sweetie. You didn't need my wing. You and Chelsea are talented and sweet enough to rule the world without any help. But I'm very happy to have been there since the beginning. I really am.Here is (not for my bday), but for you guys and this site to have many many MANY happy and successful years to come. *CHEERS*Love you sweeties!! 🙂 <3

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