Interview w/ Rob in Closer (French) Magazine

Closer: Do you understand the amazing infatuation that people have for you?

Pattinson: No, if you could understand and explain the success of someone, I think everyone would be a celebrity in Hollywood. Thank God, there is a great quote of randomness, luck, but also of mystery. This makes my job more interesting. When you think that my success is based on the fact that (at first) I did not pound the truth, it’s amazing. When I came to Hollywood, I pretended to be an American to go to some auditions. I have invented several lives. One day I was an American in need, and practically on the road, and the other I was a brilliant British student at Oxford. If I had not lied to people, I could never succeded in Hollywood.

Closer: success made you lost your mind?

Pattinson: My family is always there to take me down to earth if I need it I’ve thrown my self , heart and soul, into my job for not thinking, I have done a lot of takes, and I travel and still do not think about success and I don’t analyze it. This is why people find me always surprised when they approach me.I refuse to read press articles about me, I refuse to look the same way, at the tv programs that somehow evoke my own private life

Closer: Are You Romantic?

Pattinson: I had the opportunity of being raised by parents who love each other eagerly. They have been together for 40 years. It’s ‘magic, really, because you can see how much they are in love. They have not left each other from the very first day. A stroke of lightning. So then I am very romantic

Closer: The example of your parents is a source of pressure?

Pattinson: I try not to think about it (laughs) but I admit, however, that they put the bar very high. I do not feel pressure, but rather a feeling of doubt, so I never know if I make a good choice or not. Unconsciously, I must have been influenced by their married life. But it is not an obstacle, rather a source of inspiration.

Closer: But you’ve already found your soul mate Kristen Stewart …

Pattinson: For the time being there is only one soul mate, my dog, Bear, I’ve recently adopted.I’m totally seduced by this mutt from the moment I went to a shelter. It ‘ s incredible how the animals can hear and understand the feelings of the human-I have the impression to have of a real person with me from the moment I have adopted him.

Closer: I have the impression that you’re increasingly isolating your self

Pattinson: You know, I might. Often I prefer to go home and watch a DVD rather than going out to go to parties .. Obviously my life today forces me to make decisions that I could not take it if I had not become famous. Like staying at home, avoid going out etc.. As my mother says: “Success has a price, my dear , and it’s expensive”

Closer: Who is the real Robert Pattinson?

Pattinson: A person who is very reserved . Each interview is a torture, and I do not like exteriorize my eslf, so I am with friend, too. I am very sensitive, nostalgic and sentimental. And it’s the reason why I do not feel comfortable in this society. I often feel late in our society. In recent years I have applied my self to be an actor and this became for me an escape, a way to escape from reality

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