Kristen & OTR Featured in ‘Total Film’ Magazine

#79 On The Road 
A film of Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel charting the travels of an aspiring writer through ’50s America has long been in the works. Gus Van Sant owned the rights for years before Francis Ford Coppola bought them in 1980. He tried to get the project off the ground many times. Joel Schmacher was then going to direct with Colin Farrell starring, then everything went quiet… Until Coppola saw Walter Salles’ travelogue The Motorcycle Diaries. This was his director. With Coppola producing and a cast in place, Salles finally started making the first film adap. 53 years after it was published.

But he’s got a touch nut to crack. Kerouac’s tale of Sal (Sam Riley) wandering swathes of America with bounder and drug abuser Dean (Garrett Hedlund) was created using ‘spontaneous prose’, giving it a loose rhythm. It influenced everyone from Bob Dylan to Hunter S. Thompson and even Coppola himself recognises the risks, “What makes On The Road great is difficult to transpose to the screen.” Still, one of the most recognised novels of the 20th Cenury finally committed to celluloid? Goosebumps.

#78 Kristen Stewart
Twilight-schmilight. 21-year-old Stewart plays Dean’s teen wife in On The Road, bagged the title role in Snow White and the Huntsman, goes against Julianne Moore in Backwoods and The Devil’s Pool and is first choice for An American Girl. Bella who?

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