Kristen to be on the Cover of ‘Dazed and Confused’?

According to Beauty Base London’s FB page, Kristen will be shooting a magazine cover for what seems to be Dazed and Confused magazine. Can’t wait to see her on the cover of this magazine again! I’ve included some images of her from the last time she graced the cover 🙂

Beauty Base London: Elias Hove needs an assistant tomorrow for Kristen Stewart from Twilight! Shooting at Spring Studios, Kentish Town. If anyone is interested please email us straight away for a brilliant experience. xxx”

Beauty Base London: Elias Hove needs an assistant to stay for the 2nd shoot after Kristen Stewart at Rankins Studio from Dazed and Confused magazine. Luke Freeman is the photographer. Again anyone available please email me on xxx”

UPDATE: Thanks to @girlyinthenorth for asking!
(Click for larger image)

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