Robert Pattinson is Cast in ‘Unbound Captives’

Robert Pattinson + Romantic Western + San Antonio, Texas = YES, PLEASE! I hope they film on location …. Pretty please!!

It’s been confirmed that Robert Pattinson has been cast along with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz to star in the film “Unbound Captives.” It’s a dramatic western written by Madeleine Stowe and scheduled to start filming sometime next year. A San Antonio report says:

While at the ranch, Stowe came up with the idea to write “a large romantic Western” that was inspired, she said, by stories of the Hill Country in the late 1800s. “I heard about children who were abducted by Comanche Indians and became so acculturated that they had a hard time returning.

We are assuming that as a western this will mean Rob will try his hand, or voice rather, at a southern accent! 

UPDATE: According to @Variety_JLD, Rob has yet to be officially confirmed with Unbound Captives, but has verbally committed to the project. What does this mean? Well, the chances that Rob will officially be confirmed to this movie are high, but because it has yet to be finalized, can fall-through depending on his schedule (which seems to be pretty wide-open to me)!
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