Summit Identifies Alleged ‘Breaking Dawn’ Hacker

Do we finally some answers on who was doing all the leaking? Well, looks like Summit found out who it was and has had enough!

According to The Hollywood Reporter and EW, Summit Entertainment has issued a press release identifying those who stole and leaked images from Breaking Dawn onto the Internet earlier this year. According to both sources:

“Summit’s release ID’s Daiana Santia of Argentina as having been involved in a group that stole photos, unfinished images and video of Breaking Dawn, which will be released in two parts beginning in November. Summit’s four-continent crusade involved the services of investigation firm Kroll Inc. and law firm Keats McFarland & Wilson, which located Santia and others in the northern Argentina town of Posadas. Civil actions have been filed in the U.S. and Argentina, along with a criminal action in Santia’s home country.

“While we very much appreciate the legions of committed fans of the franchise and encourage them to create community online, we cannot ignore that property was stolen,” says David Friedman, Summit’s executive vp and general counsel. “It is not fair to the majority of fans that want to see the final chapter of the Twilight Saga film franchise fully realized by the filmmaker and dedicated cast and crew to have these images out and available on the Internet.”


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One thought on “Summit Identifies Alleged ‘Breaking Dawn’ Hacker

  1. I know that leaked photos are suposed to be bad…. but, all they do for me is drive me crazy to see the movie even more…. the love scenes and the island shots… were great and I wasn't disapointed about anything… I was sure what I would see when I got there… it doesn't stop me from buying anything or stop me form going to the movie… it just feed me a little every day…. just a taste of what is to come….

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