The Top 10 Reasons Robert & Kristen Are Perfect For Each Other

Alright, all you NONSTENS! All this robsten hating has surpassed being just NONSENSE! Here is our opinion including the top ten reasons Robsten not only exists but why they are perfect for each other!

Reason #1 This couple has identical taste in music, especially since a love for music is a huge part of their lives.

In a recent interview, Kristen stated, “I’m a bit of an old soul when it comes to my musical tastes. My all-time favorite song is Madame George’ by Van Morrison. That song never gets old to me. There’s something comforting and raw about it.” Sound familiar? That’s probably because Robert’s musical idol is Van Morisson. In a 2008 interview, Robert mentioned one of his favorite songs is “Stepping Out Queen, Pt. II” by Van Morrison. He stated, “Another guy who has such a visionary and unique take on what structure in songwriting is, what singing is, and what can be achieved emotioanlly and spiritually through music.”

Need more evidence? Forward to 0:20:

Reason #2 They have the same hair grab.

Enough said.

Reason #3 They made the “thumbs up” cool again!

Now, other celebrities are doing it:
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Reason #4 They like to keep their private life exactly that, private.

Robert has said,”My private life is off-limit. I’ve never spoken about my flirts, I’m not a man for short and superficial love affairs… I don’t talk about my relationship with Kristen Stewart, an actress I admire because she’s a real person, and a real actress.”

Kristen has said, “I made the decision last year to keep my private life to myself. I can’t do anything about all the speculation. I know what is true and that is all that matters.”

Reason #5 They’re best friends, making each other laugh and smile at every occasion.

Reason #6 Kristen travels with his things (since where she goes he goes and vice versa)!

Robert with his guitar case:


Kristen arriving in London with Rob’s guitar case:

Reason #7 They have the same “hobo” sense of style. Here is a video proving Robsten share different shirts, jackets, and sunglasses.

Reason #8 They both had crazy haircuts that they thought were cool for their current projects.

Rob’s haircut for Cosmopolis
Kristen’s haircut for The Runaways

Reason #9 They’re very complimentary of each other.

Robert compliments Kristen at 1:35
Kristen compliments Robert at 4:20

Reason #10 They’re very possessive and protective of their relationship.

If you’ve noticed, Robert always tries to deflect the attention from Kristen as a defense mechanism when questions are asked that make Kristen uncomfortable. In the Eclipse special (Q&A) on Jimmy Kimmel, Robert does exactly this in helping Kristen answer a question since she seems to be uncomfortable.

Forward to 2:50-

Here the tables are turned as Kristen gets protective of Rob when a girl hugs Rob while they’re walking on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.  As a result, Rob quickly holds Kristen’s hand to reassure her while Kristen “throws a few punches.” In one word: AWESOME!

Forward to 1:40-

There you have our top ten reasons why Robsten are perfect for each other! If you can think of any other reasons, please leave us a comment! This list could easily turn into ‘The Top 20 Reasons’ very easily! 😉

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