BFD Fridays!

Exciting news, everyone! We have decided to do something new and start BFD Fridays! BFD Fridays will include any interview, photoshoot, award show, etc. of Rob and Kristen together or separately. Some of our favorites will be shown and we want your ideas for which videos you would like to see us post!

Today’s BFD video is raw footage of the Vanity Fair 2008 photoshoot. I love that they have the original music playing in the background, too!

Forward to the 2:00 minute mark for Rob and Kristen together! I can’t get over how they stare at each other. The 4:50 minute mark is to die for when he looks up at her and they’re talking. The 7:40 mark when she looks up at him and laughs. When they are holding hands and Kristen is rocking out to The Gorillaz. They’re having fun jumping up and down and Kristen’s like, “Okay, we have to be serious now…okay, go!” at 9:15.

It shows the chemistry between them from the very beginning and I thought it was a great way to start off BFD Fridays! Please check back next week for a new video and email or tweetus for ideas!

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