Kristen’s Twilight Castmates Talk About Her Softer Side

Suddenly Serene
A master chef with some killer dance moves? Her castmates tell Us about the side you don’t see …


Don’t be fooled by the frown: Kristen Stewart may look like a sulky loner, but in fact, “she’s a really fun person when you get to know her,” costar Michael Welch tells Us. “She’s very sweet and down-to-earth.” In fact, Stewart’s been known to crack up the cast with her dance moves: “We laugh, but she’s good!” Welch says. Her castmates also laud her skills in the kitchen. “My favorite was an asparagus-celery soup. It was amazing,” Taylor Lautner has gushed. Not to mention that, when it comes to shopping, she’s Nikki Reed’s go-to girl. “We talk about style, and she’s actually much pickier than I am,” Reed tells Us. No wonder Stewart has become Miss Popularity among the cast. Last April, they even pitched in to surprise her with a motorcycle for her 21st birthday!

The reason for showing off her softer side? “I just feel more comfortable, more myself,” she recently explained. She also credits the support from her brood: “I have a pretty great family, and I’d like that too, someday.” (And when that day comes, her vows will likely be “the exact opposite” of Bella’s extravagant nuptials, Welch tells Us. “Kristen would do something simple and low-key, like on the beach.”) But don’t expect her to come running down the aisle just yet. “I’m not ready to get married!”

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