Robsten Fan Encounter in London

OMG .. if having Rob land in London today wasn’t enough, we have a FAN ENCOUNTER with ROBSTEN! The AMAZING and totally LUCKY @krenidivadi was the lucky fan to witness Robsten hand-holding in real life! Stay tuned for pictures .. she should be posting them tomorrow …

Read her amazing tweets here:

  • Just saw Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart outside my door.. Crying so much but I got a hug!! I have pictures! I’m so happy I can’t even!!!
  • I can’t believe I’m still sobbing a little bit. Its been 1h. God though. They were holding hands & I just started 2 cry bro took me 2 them(:
  • Rob was inside the house, it was my neighbours party, but there are 1s w/ him on the camera. who wants to hear the full story? ._.
  • They were the best. i was crying & my brother goes shut up or theyll hate u and she says “We wouldnt hate her! Aww”

All right. I was ready to go to my dads house, so I opened my front door, turned to look into the house waiting for my mother, then I turned around and saw a couple. I looked at them and gasped. It was ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART. I screamed and fell on the floor crying. My brother ran downstairs because he thought i was hurt. Then he was like WHAT HAPPENED and I was like ROBERT! KRISTEN! and they turned around, didnt see anything and walked to the party. My brother looked and grimaced.

“Want to meet them?”
“YES OMG YES” still crying :S then he said get the camera and your blackberry and then he took me to meet them. I was still crying my eyes out and long story short, I got to meet them, and I got a hug from Rob and I was told to cheer up and Kristen said she would never hate me because my brother said if I didnt shut up they would hate me.

Then my mum got pissed at me because I kept on crying in my house. So I left the camera, took my blackberry and left for my dads, which is where I am now. When I get back to mum, I’ll find some way of getting the photos onto Twitter.

But I still have tears in my eyes after like one hour. I cant get over, they were so sweet even though we basically crashed their party! Rob was wearing a shirt, a grey hoodie, trousers and sneakers and Kristen was all in black with hair extensions.

Im so lucky, and so happy. Gah I still cant believe it!

Dont believe me? Nobody likes you & I have proof.

I’ll make a YouTube video later.


  • Outside. Then he vanished into the house while I was playing paparazzi & snapping pictures ._. Can ya blame me?! 🙂
  • Yeah(: Well I have one with Robert with kristen looking behind her shoulder near Rob. But I say its with Robsten(:
  • They were holding hands when they walking down the street, before they noticed I was having a fandom breakdown ._.
  • Yes they were holding hands (:& i THINK i have one.
  • West london. I live in a ‘famous’ area, & I see some celebs but NONE as hot as Kristen&Robert. Or as famous. xox
  • They seemed VERY much in love. Holding hands & laughing together.
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