Ted Casablanca: Does Robert Pattinson Really Like Giving Back to His Fans?

Rob signing autographs for fans after filming Cosmopolis

Dear Ted:
Has Robert Pattinson become a snob? Considering how wealthy and famous he is, I was wondering if he still treated “normal” people with respect or if he tends to just treat people like he’s superior. Have you heard anything like that?
—Watergurl 123

Dear Get Real:
No. If anything, Robert goes out of his way to treat his fans as normally as he can—despite the fact that they try to devour him 24/7. I know for a fact Pattinson has done things on media tours he was specifically told not to do—just so he could make some folks happy. More of a mystery is why the hell R.P. stayed away from England until yesterday, when his woman was over there for ages. I mean, there’s independence, and then there’s just plain stupidity.

I’m glad Ted is putting this rumor to rest! Rob has been and always will be amazing with his fans.

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