Tweets About Meeting Kristen on a Flight Last Year

@JumbleJim tweets about meeting Kristen last year on a flight. I’d totally be fangirling if I ever just so happened to be sitting next to her .. but I’d never let her know I was fangirling .. I’d play it “cool” ;P

@jumblejim: She looks like a performer, and that last- second entry was just like when Kristen Stewart slipped in next to me on a flight.
Didn’t know who Kristen Stewart was either. How cool am I?
Kristen Stewart was nice. We talked about Mark Twain. Our jobs never came up.
I don’t simply ask her because I don’t bother celebs to tell them I don’t know who they are and because that would ruin the mystery.
I figured out Kristen stewart’s name by glancing at her customs form still didn’t know who she was.


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