Behind The Scenes ~ NEW MOON Style!

Welcome to Behind The Scenes – New Moon Style! Let’s take a look back at pictures, videos, gifs, and more of the saga’s second films’ goodies!

K: “Woah, you want me to do WHAT? What is this, TITANIC?!”

K: “Ok, deep breath, I can do this…just know, I’d prefer not to die.”

 Kristen bracing herself…
K: “Totally unnecessary” 


R: “You want me to do what? Crouch over her how?…”

 R: “Not gonna lie, I kind of feel retarded. What did I sign up for, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?!”

Kristen and Robert think “where is this fun part of filming that I’ve been dreaming about for the last few months?”

Ahhh, here it is…

“This is exactly what I expected.”

Much more after the break…

Robsten BTS Videos:

Kristen runs into Robert and he always falls over. As if that isn’t adorable enough, it looks like he gives her a light tap on her but which makes her turn around!

Too cute not to post even though most of you have probably seen it. Robert, Taylor, and Kristen start laughing when they’re supposed to be fighting. Robert ends up turning and laughing while placing his hands on Kris’s hips. All this “casual” affection…loving it!!

Robert and Kristen talk on set…

Robert and Kristen rehearse lines and work together in order to film the “Edward leaving” scene.

Other BTS Videos:

Kristen says, “I can’t really tell a huge difference between myself and Bella anymore.” She also talks about how her and Rob, “work well together.”

Robert, Kristen, and Taylor film the dirt biking scene! Love this! haha

Taylor learns what to do to the motor bike during the scene with “Bella” in order to act like he knows what he’s doing haha

Remember when Kristen gets beaten by a huge wave of water! Poor little thing! 

BTS Gallery:

Major E/B Affection

Green Screen Fun

Stay Tuned for next week’s Behind The Scenes – ECLIPSE Style!

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