Behind The Scenes – TWILIGHT Style!

This entire week’s ‘Picture of the Day’ has been related to the saga’s first major film, Twilight. Therefore, here is a Twilight Behind-The-Scenes compilation including this week’s POTDs, new/old behind the scenes photos, and videos that just might be new to you! Have fun and take a virtual journey through 2008!
..A little cold there Rob?
Oh, I think he’s getting warmed up now!
All the hours put towards making his hair look perfect definitely paid off! Right, ladies?!
Robert & Kristen bonding time…
BTS Pictures:
BTS Videos: 

HQ Video including bloopers and exclusive behind the scenes footage
(The part at 3:49 shows some major Robsten sexual tension.. *fanning self*)

New/Old Interviews on set with Robert and Kristen

Watch Robert & Kristen flirt and giggle…more videos and pictures after the break!

Robert starts laughing when filming the “flying” scene in the “forest” (aka green screen room)

Robert falls down

Robert and Kristen talking and laughing on set
Robert and Kristen walking together while returning to set

Robert looking super hot and getting into his Volvo

It’s so cute to see how much they’ve grown up (especially Taylor)…
Last, but certainly not least, remember when someone brought a baby onto the Twilight set?

Oh Rob…don’t eat the baby silly! 
Peter looks so young here!

Tune in next week for…
Behind The Scenes: NEW MOON Style!

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  1. What a great compilation post. It's so fun to see BTS stuff, especially when they are having so much fun!! And some of these vids/pics are new to me so that is even better! Can't wait for the New Moon stuff. 🙂

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