Bella’s Fancy Shoes Are Made by Carolina Herrera

MTV Style breaks down the style of the recently released Breaking Dawn Stills. The fabulous shoes Bella is trying on next to Alice are by the same designer who made Bella’s wedding dress, Carolina Herrera. Lucky, Bella!

Thanks to the always indomitable sleuthing ways of @courtjustice—who broke down Bella’s leather jacket and skinnies outfit piece-by-piece—we now know that the wedding shoes she’s trying on with Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) are by Carolina Herrera, who also happens to be the designer of her TO-DIE (heh) wedding dress (we’re assuming at this point as we’ve only seen snippets of its white magic elegance, but we do know for certain her jeweled hair clip is ornately GORGE). Is Alice holding a pair of Converse? Looks like a pair of leather hi-top Chuck Taylors to us! We wonder if this was a Kristen Stewart suggestion. Even though the photo of Bella’s white vintage honeymoon dress has been making its way all over the interwebs for awhile, we still love the simplicity, classic cut, and sweet black bow around the waist. Also, EDWARD’S SHOES!!!! Geez that boy cleans UP real shiny-like, right?

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