BFD Friday!

This week’s BFD clip is of Kristen and Rob from the New Moon promos with Access Hollywood! I love Kristen’s pinned back Joan Jett hair and her red lips – very girly but also edgy, which only she can pull off. 😉 And Rob is his goofy self here as always!
The 2:00 minute mark is so sweet how Kristen says, “That’s me and Rob!” At this time, the speculation of their relationship was still pretty fresh, so it’s interesting to see that how Kristen dodges the question at 2:30 and how she tries to dodge it in her new interview with GQ UK, are the same response.
“It’s funny that people would have a vested interest in who I end up with or who he ends up with. If I were to answer any question, and I’m sure that, this, even, the way I’m answering this, is tipping one side, ‘Oh, this is obvious that she’s…’ I’m sure that people will take from this what they will.” 
(Access Hollywood 2009 interview)

“So much of my life is so easily googled. I mean, it’s like, come on guys, it’s so obvious!” Her mood tights, perhaps all too aware of how much she’s already said. “But this subject, I don’t think you realise what a big deal it is for people. Well, it is a big deal. They would be ‘Oh. My. God’ There would also be still a 50/50 split. Some people would still be, ‘See, told you they’re not together.” 
(GQ November 2011 Interview)

The clip does cut off Kristen’s part, but if you want to view the whole interview, click here

My favorite Rob part is at 6:20 when he says: “We don’t have to go around in a pack! I don’t walk around with my shirt off all the time! Like a DORK. …It’s like driving a fancy car. It’s like, you’re insecure about something.” The way he says “dork” is so freakin’ cute.


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