BFD Friday!

This week’s BFD Friday clip is from last year’s Twi-Con in LA! Since the announcement this week made us all giddy and anxious for new Robsten moments, I thought this was appropriate. 😉
I love Rob’s little “Shut up!” to Kristen in the beginning!  Also at 4:00, Rob’s “Ahhh!” and Kristen laughs and imitates him. Then around the 5:50 mark when Rob and Kristen laugh at Taylor’s “tent” comment.  Both realize they’re laughing at the same thing, it’s so adorable!They are so many cute moments here, but I hope this year can top them! I have a feeling we’re going to get some reaaallllllyyy nice goodies this November – and I’m not talking about after-Halloween treats!

This year’s Twilight Convention in LA is November 4-6.
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