BFD Friday!

In the midst of the Breaking Dawn press tour, we’re going to take a look back at the New Moon Madrid fan event from 2009! It’s always interesting to me to see how Rob and Kristen interact with and react to each other during this year because things were just starting to get interesting! No more will they, won’t they with their relationship – we knew that they were together by this time! “It’s obvious!” as they would say!
Skip to 1:30 and witness the most epic answer to “What are the advantages of being a vampire?” Do you know what Rob says? 😉
Rob says something very sweet about the fans at 4:50…he’s so genuine about it too!

And who could forget this moment in the New Moon London press conference when Kristen grabs Rob’s hand in front of the whole room at 2:05! I still can’t believe she did that during this time! She seemed very comfortable sitting there next to him, much like she is now.  She tries to make the arm move look so subtle at 2:18…and I love when she infamously shushes him at 2:35 when he’s talking about his body. Trying to make her man stop talking bad about himself.  Things haven’t changed!

“What’s it like to kiss Robert?” Kristen answers “It’s cool.” Rob jokes, “It’s amazing!” at 2:56.


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