BFD Friday – Twilight Style!

In keeping with our ‘Twilight’ style week with the POTDs (view some here and here), here is Rob’s Access Hollywood interview from 2008 during the first ‘Twilight’ press tour! Remember the constant ‘proposal’ rumors of Rob and Kristen? Now they’re getting married – well in Breaking Dawn, that is. But hey! The minister was real, soooo….a fangirl can dream. 😉 I digress.
I love Rob’s reaction in the beginning of the video when he says, “Wow, okay. Who are you talking to?” and laughs. Silly, Rob! You are the hottest vamp in the world! Then at :15, she asks, “Are you ready for your life to change?” and he says, “I’m always waiting for it to change, and it never does.” Ohhh, Rob. If only you knew then that your life with Kristen would change! hehe So fun to look back and now know that things DID change for him. Oh, and at 2:15, the way he says, “sex”…. UNF. And at the 3:06 mark…“I liked Kristen and I wanted to do it afterwards.  It definitely felt like something was right in the audition. It’s kinda why I wanted to do it.”” 

“I know what having sex with you is gonna be like, and it will be so amazing that I’ll end up killing you.” 
Enter sexy bed breaking gif here:

Here is Kristen’s interview:

Kristen’s hair and makeup is gorgeous as always. I love that she compliments Shaun Robinson right back! At the 3:00 mark: “He was so different from everybody else that came in and thoughts were going through his head…He’s also very responsive. He sees and he listens.
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