Kellan Lutz on ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′: “There’s a lot more skin”

Speaking to The Advocate – a LBGT-interest magazine – Kellan Lutz discusses some questions about Breaking Dawn – Part 1and its openly gay director Bill Condon.

Lutz (who plays Emmett in the Twilight films) talked primarily about topics that would be of particular interest to Advocate readers.
Below is the extent of the Twilight talk:

Q: Director Bill Condon brought his wonderful gay sensibility to films like Dreamgirls, Kinsey, and Gods and Monsters. Taking over the Twilight saga for its final installments, has he brought a gay sensibility or gay undertones to Breaking Dawn?  

A: Oh, definitely. I mean, there’s a lot more skin, first of all. It’s for a more mature audience. Our audience has grown up with us, and we have to grow along with them. The original high school fans are in college now, and they want to see more skin. Bill has Taylor Lautner topless all the time, so there’s some great eye-candy. Bill did such an amazing job, and it was so much fun to work with him.  

Q: But would it have killed him to sneak in a gay vampire or a gay werewolf?  

A: We have so many cast members in the movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the characters was gay and I just didn’t know it. I’d be all for it.


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