Live Chat w/ Melissa Rosenberg

Here’s an excerpt of the parts I found interesting pertaining to Breaking Dawn and Rob & Kristen:

Are we having a lot of romantic scenes between Edward and Bella on Breaking Dawn? Without all the pain that he feels when kiss her, and stuffs like that!
Melissa Rosenberg: There are some AWESOME romantic scenes for Bella and Edward! Seriously. The wedding is lush and emotional, the honeymoon is truly sexy. Trust me on this one.

I’ve heard that this is the funniest movie to date. Did you make conscious effort to make Edward “lighter” for this one?
MR: Indeed Edward begins BD1 in a much lighter place – and yes, it was a very conscious choice. He’s marrying Bella! He’s the happiest vampire in the world. And then the honeymoon, though not without its… complications, is playful and romantic. But then – things get very dark, very fast, and Edward is at his darkest moment yet.

Have you watched Breaking Dawn in it’s entirety? If so,were you moved by it emotionaly?
MR: I’ve seen a couple different cuts, and will see the most recent soon. I was sitting in the theater with some other people and began to hear gasps – I was worried for a moment, thinking, oh no, they’re laughing (at a very serious moment). Then I realized, no, theyre crying. Not just crying, sobbing!

Who was ur favorite character go make and watch come to life? & why
MR: Watching Kristen and Rob embody those characters is a screenwriter’s (and everyone else’s) dream. Their chemistry is amazing, and very rare. But writing for Jacob, tracking his growth, translating his passion, fire and sense of humor – that’s fun.

From what I’ve seen, Breaking Dawn looks amazing! How was it like to work with Bill? And how would you describe him as an producer of Breaking Dawn?
MR: re: our director Bill Condon. I’ve worked with many directors over my 20 year career (wow, 20… that just aged me!). And of course, I’ve work with several on the Twi series alone – ALL of whom were truly unique, great experiences (and I’m not just saying that). But I will say that, in my very long career, my collaboration with Bill was the best writer/director collaboration I’ve ever had. I think a lot of that is because he himself is a screenwriter (academy award winning no less!). So he spoke my language – story, stucture, character, theme. He helped me take the characters to new emotional depths… He’s generous, and collaborative. I could go on and on

Were you ON SET for the Last Filming? What was it like, knowing this was the last time you would be with your Twilight Family on set?
MR: I was on set for the most important scene in the movie! The wedding! If you look closely, you’ll see me as one of the wedding guests (along with our producer Wyck Godfrey and Stephenie too!)


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