Rob Talks About Shooting the BD Birth Scene with Kristen

This is first time I’ve heard Rob say he really liked filming this scene. Usually he just mentions how crazy it was and how he can’t believe it’s only rated PG-13. Of course we can’t help our thoughts wonder a little bit with his answer…haha *didn’t say it*

Breaking Dawn – Part 1 will be released on November 16. The secret is was locked down: no journalist had yet the opportunity to see this film, the fourth in the saga. The movie will deal tho with the wedding of Edward and Bella and a baby born of their union. Given the few pictures that have circulated, we already know that the birth of the child will be bloody, since Edward will perform on his young wife a c-section with his own the teeth.

“I loved shooting this scene,” Pattinson, sporting a beard, told us this morning. “It was crazy! I had Kristen’s legs on my shoulders, cream-cheese all over my face to ~represent her uterus and then you tell yourself: “But what kind of movie I’m about shooting? “

via kstewartnews

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One thought on “Rob Talks About Shooting the BD Birth Scene with Kristen

  1. So what is it, did he had a dolls legs on his shoulders, or kristens legs? They article and then the transcrips say different things?. If it was kristen, it almost sounds like a porn movie, LOL..

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