Today Show: Pregnant Bella faints in ‘Breaking Dawn’ ad

There’s not a ton of new footage in the TV commercial for “Breaking Dawn Part 1,” but with the way some fans are obsessing over this movie, even a little bit of new is enough.

New scenes I spotted include one where Robert Pattinson says “I’ll meetcha at the altar” to would-be vampire bride (and real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart), a shot of Bella’s giant insta-pregnant stomach, a shot of the pregnant newlywed collapsing in the Cullens’ home, and Pattinson’s Edward tossing off the line, “Well, what’s a weddingwithout some drama?”

There may have been some additional wolf attack shots, but we already saw the shirtless Taylor Lautner image before, and really CGI wolves don’t compare. 

Oh, and I’m still wondering how they’re going to keep that wedding-night sex scene PG-13. We get a glimpse of that too, but just a glimpse.

“And real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart”….gets me everytime. 😀

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