2008: The Beginning of R/K’s Love Story

Twilight Tuesdays (April-May)

“Kristen’s the best actress of her generation, and that’s why I wanted to do this movie. I don’t know why she is, but she’s better than everyone else.” [Robert talking about Kristen]

“I think he’s really handsome.” [Kristen talking about Robert]

“You don’t want me to talk about you?” Stewart asked, before doing just that. “I think he’s really handsome.” [Kristen talking about Robert]

MTV Movie Awards (May 31)

“Yeah, I mean, I asked her to marry me like 4 times, but it didn’t really go anywhere. It just fizzled out.” [Robert talking about Kristen]

“No, man. I have acquired a good buddy, and that’s a big deal.” [Kristen talking about Robert]

MTV Video Music Awards (Sept 7)

Kristen walks the carpet with Michael Anagarano
Rob and Kristen can’t keep their eyes off each other

Vanity Fair Photoshoot (Sept 13)

San Diego Comic-Con (July 24)

“I got to do this audition with Rob Pattinson. It was on Catherine’s bed.” [Kristen]
“In her bed,” Pattinson added.

Rome International Film Festival (Oct 30)

“She’s basically the reason I did the movie. When I got into the room with Kristen, there was just a certain chemistry — and she’s just very smart. She’s really the best actress of her generation.” [Robert talking about Kristen]

Twilight L.A. Premiere (Nov 17)

“I mean, I don’t know how serious he was, but yes. We spent a lot of time together, a lot of like really heightened time.” [Kristen talking about Robert]

“But I got hardcore pain from Rob. It was purely just connection.” [Kristen talking about Robert]

London Twilight Premiere (Dec 3)

“From the first moment they met, you could feel the magnetic pull and sexual tension. That’s essential to transfer to the screen.” [Catherine Hardwicke talking about Robert & Kristen’s chemistry]

Munich Twilight Premiere (Dec 6)

“The one that comes to mind first, is the one that came to [Robert’s] mind first as well. He’s going to think that I’m totally copying him. Well, because I chose Van Morrison, maybe I’ll choose one of his songs, Madame Joy.” [Kristen talking about her favorite music]

Werewolf or Vampire? “Vampire.” [Kristen]

Paris Twilight Premiere (Dec 8)

“When Kirsten and Robert turned the first kissing scene on my bed in my house, I realized that I had found the perfect chemistry.” [Catherine Hardwicke on Robert & Kristen’s chemistry]



“I’d probably date Bella [the movie version]. Bella is the coolest girl.” [Robert talking about the what Forks High student he would date in RL] 

Top 5 reasons why it’s great to be Edward Cullen: 1) “You can kiss Kristen Stewart.”

“I don’t know. I guess it was the way Kristen was playing it. It kind of shocked a performance out of me, which I hadn’t thought of at all.”

“I don’t know, I guess I still don’t know if I was faking it the whole time. We definitely had a strange dynamic. … She’s just like, I don’t know. There was something about her, right from the screen test. She has a fierceness. There’s an anger behind her quietness. And also, she doesn’t feel the need to speak.”

“We became a bubble, separate from the cast and other people.”
Is it weird to just walk away after the shooting is done? “Yeah, it was always weird.” [talking about intimate scenes]

“It definitely felt like something was right in the audition. It’s kind of why I wanted to do it. I just thought ‘oh, this is how you’re supposed to play it.’ I had no idea how to play it until I met her. You can definitely feel something.” [on his chemistry with Kristen]


“The audition was pretty intense–just that he was so different than everybody else that came in. Thoughts were going through his head and you could see them. and he wasn’t just fixated on posing and being the handsome vampire he is supposed to be. He’s also very responsive. He sees and he listens.”

“Rob got me a guitar, which is beautiful. The guitar is great, and it got a lot of use on the film.” [birthday presents from cast members]

“Well, I basically cast him. We did one day of auditions and a bunch of guys came in. Catherine Hardwicke, the director, afterwards was like, “What do you think? This is such a hard choice.” I was like, “Are you kidding me!? Its such an obvious choice!” It couldn’t have been better. It was sort of perfect.”

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